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Suzuki Portable Engines

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South Carolina’s #1 Suzuki dealer 3 years in a row!

Doss Marine will match any advertised price on current Suzuki Portable Engine. Any engine picked up from Doss Marine will be charge South Carolina Sales tax. Don’t be fooled by NO TAX claims on the Internet. If you register the engine in South Carolina you are responsible for sales tax no matter where you buy it.

Engines that are shipped out of state are not subject to tax. Doss Marine will hang any portable engine on your boat for free. If you need it fully rigged it will be priced on a per job basis. Financing is available through Suzuki Marine Finance. Rates are as low as 5.9% with terms up to 48 month on small engines. Please call for exact pricing on any engine. There are often specials and rebates available from Suzuki on various engines. We have a Certified Suzuki Service Department for any maintenance or warranty needs.


2.5hp-20hp come with a 3 year warranty


25-30hp engines qualify for the 3+3 warranty promotion


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DF2.5S2                      $ 775


Df2.5L2                       $795


DF4AS2                   $ 1,195


DF6AS2                   $ 1,475


DF6AL2                   $ 1,495


DF9.9BS2                   $ 2,350


DF9.9BL2                  $  2,375


DF9.9BES2                    $2,550


DF9.9BEL2                    $2,575


DF9.9BTHS2                   $ 2,600


DF9.9BTHL2                   2,620


DF9.9BTS2                   $2795


DF9.9BTL2                 2,809


DF9.9BTHX2                   2,795


DF9.9BTX2                   2,895


DF15AS2                  2,500


DF15AES2                   2,680


DF15AEL2                   2,700


DF15ATHL2                  $  2,900


DF20AS2                   $2750


DF20AES2                     $2980


DF20AEL2                    $3,000


DF20ATHL2                   $ 3,250


DF20ATL2                $ 3,550


DF25AS2                    $3,450


DF25AES2                   $ 3,800


DF25ATHS2                 $  4,100


DF25ATS2                  $  4,075


DF25ATHL2                  $  4,150


DF25ATL2                  $ 4,100


DF30ATHL2                  $ 4,685


DF30ATL $                   4,600



Prices include all rebates to dealer


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